Which duct cleaning method is the best?

The best way to clean your air duct is one that matches the condition of your particular duct and realistically addresses indoor air quality issues. Although duct cleaning is not recommended for every household, it is an essential tool in your overall family’s breathing strategy.

The total amount of air in your house circulates in your HVAC duct more than five times a day. Air particles and other impurities are continuously stored in the duct and then returned to the dwelling. Over the years, the accumulation of dust, dirt and microorganisms such as mold and bacteria can reach levels that affect indoor air quality and can cause irritation and allergic reactions in sensitive people – not to mention ongoing clashes.

Endless exposure care. The best method of cleaning air ducts usually begins with an in-depth inspection by a qualified air duct cleaning Toronto professional. The selected candidate for this job is usually an established local HVAC provider – the contractor who installs your air conditioning and oven is a good starting point for gaining qualified and honest control. A comprehensive approach would include visual inspection of all lengths of air ducts, including those that are beyond the reach of the average homeowner, such as a basement or underpass.

After an in-depth inspection, a professional pipe cleaner will provide a written report and recommendations on the pipe cleaning methods needed to solve the problems. The reputable supplier will not present sewer cleaning as a cure for any disease, nor does it promise any specific medical benefit from the cleaning process.

Four steps include the best way to clean your air duct:

Access: The supplier has access to the inside of the piping by removing the access plate or piping components, such as fittings and air diffusers. If there are no access points for inserting the cleaning device, the mechanics will cut holes in the pipe passage. At the end of the procedure, these openings are professionally closed and sealed.

Contaminant disposal: Layers of dust, mold and other contaminants can accumulate in the sewer system for many years. An effective cleaning method begins with shaking with powered soft brushes, high-pressure air sprayers and other technologies – including simple hand brushes – to remove accumulation in the piping. Also clean HVAC equipment connected to the air stream, such as air conditioning and a fan.

Vacuum: Before removing dust, dirt and bare debris from the pipes, care must be taken to ensure that these contaminants do not re-enter the interior of the house. A air duct cleaning Toronto professional will use a powerful vacuum cleaner, often attached to a truck, to stimulate the vacuum in the pipe and trap dust and dirt as it is removed.

Remove: After connecting the vacuum to the pipeline and confirming it, the impurities are removed from the various access points in the pipeline. All air taken from the piping by means of a vacuum is removed by a medical HEPA filter. The removed impurities are sealed in bags and disposed of by the contractor.

After the procedure, the vendor reinstalls all removed components. New air filters will be installed and the system will restart. All ventilation openings in the house will be checked for proper airflow.